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Here is the link to create your teacher account. I will show you how to make your account and give you tour of how WeVideo works and some tips and tricks. 

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Weber Innovations High School at SOJH

Making the right decision for your 9th Grade Registration

Remember that you have some options. One of the those options is doing a course of independent study here at South through Weber Innovations High School. The following is a description of the program.

Dear Parents/Guardians & Students, 


Weber Innovation Early College High School (WIHS) is running a personalized competency based learning (PCBL) program at 6 junior high schools; North Ogden Jr. High, Orion Jr. High, Roy Jr. High, Sand Ridge Jr. High, South Ogden Jr. High, and Wahlquist Jr. High,  thanks to a grant from the Utah State Board of Education. Those 9th-grade students participating at these schools will still work at their junior high school, but at a personalized pace by taking one or more Weber Innovation Early College High School personalized courses.  The goal is to help them become career and college ready quicker in high school and to personalize their education.  Students are expected to maintain at least their pacing as they would be taking these courses during a regular class but through this program, students will have the opportunity to work on them digitally during the school day at school or really, at any time after school.  An aide will help facilitate the progress of these courses at each junior high and the student will have access throughout the school day with a teacher. This would be a great fit for students who are motivated to move at an advanced pace and are looking to start college courses by their junior year, students that want to take and personalize their pacing just a little slower than the normal class would but still finish at the same time as the regular face to face classroom course because of the ability to learn beyond the classroom time, students that want to take courses digitally as part of their schedule during the school day and so on. These students can potentially graduate high school with an associate's and/or a technical college degree by personalizing at a quicker finishing time or taking it at a little slower rate and not be at the same day to day pacing as in the classroom. All courses taken from WIHS will have a live teacher and student advocate aide during the day that students can access. Students can register for these classes anytime up until the second semester. 


Students in 9th-grade can take the following courses as part of their junior high schedule and move at a personalized pace while staying at their junior high: 

English 9 
English 10 (as soon as 9th grade English is completed) 
World History (after Geography)
Psychology (with counselor approval- typically an 11th grade course)
PE Fit for Life
PE Yoga

Please contact your counselor if you are interested!


Hal Raymond

Weber Innovation Early College High School Principal

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What's Happening

SOJH Theater Department

The SOJH Theater Department

We offer three main classes:

  1. Drama 1: an introductory class to acting that all our Theater students take. It's a great way to start your acting journey. Our most popular project is the Green Screen Fake Newscast Assignment. Students write an imaginary newscast that we film in front of a green screen. Students then edit out the green screen in wevideo. This is a super educational activity that combines the fun of performance with the skills of video editing. Click here to see last year's Newscasts.
  2. Drama 2: this is a rehearsal based class that performs the school's non-musical play.
  3. Musical Theater: this year long class performs the school musical! This class is co-taught by the Drama and Choir teachers. 

This video gives you a feel for the all the Fine Arts classes here at South Ogden Junior High.

Musical Theater Banner

Musical Theater 

This year our school musical is Peter Pan Jr.

  1. Check out our latest videos from rehearsals.

The show runs April 26th to the 29th. Tickets are $7. Stay tuned for more news about the musical theater class.

Click here to subscribe to all the latest videos for the Theater Department.

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