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801-452-4460 | 650 E 5700 S South Ogden, UT 84405


Purchase your yearbook in the MyWeber or the office.
Deadline to purchase April 10th, 2023

Yearbook Distribution Protocol

Dates and Protocol to be announced later.

Students Who Have Purchased Yearbooks

The SOJH Media Productions Team (Yearbook)

The Yearbook class at South has changed into the SOJH Media Productions Team. Here are the details about the class.

Class Description:

The SOJH Media Productions Team creates the movies and ads on our school website, video wall, youtube channel, social media accounts, and they create the school yearbook. This team does it all! The production team transforms pictures and videos into movies and commercials that are worth watching! Team members are chosen by application, demonstrated skill, and teacher recommendations. 3.5 GPA and no N’s or U’s in citizenship. These students should be trustworthy creative hard workers. Some of our other projects include designing and building the set for the school’s musical, and marketing school events.  Application. Not Listed in MyWeber. 

Application to Be Part of the Team (Closed Until Next Year)

Movie Making, and SOJH Media Productions Team (Yearbook)

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