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SOJH Mission Statement
The mission of South Ogden Jr High is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel now and in the future. 
We unite students, teachers, and parents to create a community based on integrity and accountability.
SOJH Vision Statement
Empowering Students to Excel

Our Administration Contacts

Mr. Velden Wardle, Principal

Mr. Quinn Talbot, Assistant Principal


Using your report card or Edline, do the following. (If you do not have a report card for the quarter you are trying to figure your GPA for, then you will need to see Mrs. McEntire at school and have her look up your grades for you.) Take the letter grade you received in each class and assign a number value to it based on the chart below. Add up the points and divide it by 7. The number you get is your GPA.

A = 4.00  C = 2.00 
A- = 3.70  C- =1.70 
B+ = 3.30  D+ = 1.30 
B = 3.00  D = 1.00 
B- = 2.70  D- = 0.70 
C+ = 2.30  F = 0.00 


Here is an example:
1st Period A 4.0
2nd Period C+ 2.3
3rd Period B 3.0
4th Period B+ 3.3
5th Period A 4.0
6th Period B- 2.7
7th Period B 3.0
These total 22.3. Divide this by 7. The GPA is 3.2 Rounded to nearest tenth

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