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The mission of South Ogden Jr High is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel now and in the future. 
We unite students, teachers, and parents to create a community based on integrity and accountability.
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When writing, it is a good idea to use as many different words as you can. This makes your writing more interesting. Some of the words usually use in our writing are overused and do not show very much creativity or originality. Often times these overused words are used because the writer does not know any other words that mean the same thing. This page contains lists of words that can be used to improve vocabulary, writing skills and grades.

Action verbs: There are many words that describe activity. Sometimes writers get in a rut and only use a few words to describe activities they write about. This alphabetized list can be useful in clearly expressing or creating a mental image that is more interesting and exciting to read about. Try them in your writing!

Color words: There are 10 common colors that we often use in writing. All of these have thousands of variations in shade and density. Creative names have been used to describe or name some of these variations of the common color. See if you can use some of these variations in your writing.

Mood words; People feel many different moods. Sometimes writers struggle to use the right words to express just how the people in their writing feels. This list offers ideas many words that describe moods. When used in writing, these will make the writing more interesting

Words to use for overused words: There are some words that are used and used and get worn out from being repeated. They become boring! Use some of these words to spice up your writing and keep the readers interest.

Sight words: This list provides words that create visual mental images. The objective of writing is to create mental images that stimulate and keep the interest of the reader. Using some of these words instead of the commonly used ones will make the reader want more.

Transitions; These phrases and words can help to smoothly transition from one subject to another.

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