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SOJH Mission Statement
The mission of South Ogden Jr High is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel now and in the future. 
We unite students, teachers, and parents to create a community based on integrity and accountability.
SOJH Vision Statement
Empowering Students to Excel

Our Administration Contacts

Mr. Velden Wardle, Principal

Mr. Quinn Talbot, Assistant Principal

Wed, Sept 30th          Early Out/PTC  1:00-6:30 PM

Thurs, Oct 1st             Study Hall Schedule

                                    Softball Softball (H) T.H. Bell 3:00 PM

Fri, Oct 2nd                 Regular Schedule

                                    Football (H) Roy Jr. 3:00 PM

Mon, Oct 5th              Regular Schedule


Tues, Oct 6th              Regular Schedule

                                    Softball Play Off 3:00 PM

Wed, Oct 7th              Regular Schedule                              

Thurs, Oct 8th            Study Hall Schedule

                                    Softball Championship 3:30 PM

Fri, Oct 9th                  Late Start

                                    Football (H) Wahlquist 3:00 PM

Mon, Oct 12th                        Regular Schedule

                                    Volleyball/NAL Try Outs

Tues, Oct 13th                        Regular Schedule

Wed, Oct 14th                       Regular Schedule

                                    Football @ Sand Ridge 3:00 PM

Thurs, Oct 15th          Fall Break/No School

Fri, Oct 15th               Fall Break/No School

Mon, Oct 19th                        Regular Schedule

Tues, Oct 20th                        Regular Schedule

Wed, Oct 21st            Regular Schedule

Thurs, Oct 22nd         Study Hall Schedule

Fri, Oct 23rd               Regular Schedule

                                    Football (H) T.H. Bell  3:00 PM

Mon, Oct 26th                        Regular Schedule

Tues, Oct 27th                        Regular Schedule

                                    Volleyball/NAL Bye

Wed, Oct 28th                       Regular Schedule

Thurs, Oct 29th          Study Hall Schedule

Fri, Oct 30th               Regular Schedule

Tues, Sept. 1st             Regular Schedule

                                    School Pictures

Wed, Sept 2nd           Regular Schedule

Thurs, Sept 3rd           Study Hall Schedule

                                    Softball Bye

Fri, Sept 4th                Regular Schedule

Mon, Sept 7th            No School/Labor Day

Tues, Sept 8th             Regular Schedule

                                    Softball @ Snowcrest 3:00 PM


Wed, Sept 9th            Regular Schedule

Thurs, Sept 10th         Study Hall Schedule

                                    Softball (H) Sand Ridge 3:00 PM

Fri, Sept 11th              Late Start

                                    Football @ Rocky Mountain 3:00 PM           

Mon, Sept 14th          Regular Schedule

Tues, Sept 15th          Regular Schedule

                                    Softball @ Roy Jr. 3:00 PM

Wed, Sept 16th          Regular Schedule

Thurs, Sept 17th         Study Hall Schedule

                                    Softball @ Rocky Mountain 3:00 PM                                                

Fri, Sept 18th              Regular Schedule

                                    Football (H) North Ogden 3:00 PM

Mon, Sept 21st           Regular Schedule

Tues, Sept 22nd         Regular Schedule

                                    Mid-Terms Due

Wed, Sept. 23rd         Regular Schedule

                                    1st Qtr Mid-Term

Thrus, Sept 24th         Study Hall Schedule

                                    Softball (H) North Ogden 3:00 PM

Fri, Sept 25th              Late Start

                                    Football @ Orion 3:00 PM

Mon, Sept 28th          Regular Schedule

Tues, Sept 29th          Regular Schedule

                                    School Picture Retake  7:30-10:00 AM

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