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The mission of South Ogden Jr High is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel now and in the future. 
We unite students, teachers, and parents to create a community based on integrity and accountability.
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Minutes - October 2016

South Ogden Junior High Community Council Meeting


October 3, 2016

3:00-Media Center

  1. In attendance: Michele Parry, Glen Larsen, Melanie Milne, Becky Heaton, Lanny London, Brandon Richards, Jen Dunyon, Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood, Elizabeth Boll, Scot Wahlquist

    Excused: Rich Murray, Jenna Norr, Cristen Ottley, Jennifer Burdett

    Not in attendance: Ivory Close, Bryan Browning

  1. Introduction of Board members

    *Stefani Ashbridge has declined membership on the Council

  2. Review 2016-2017 Trustland Budget:

    a. Reviewed 2016-17 plan and totals for each subcategory

    b. Compared estimated budget with actual budget. This includes a $6004. Surplus. As noted in the plan, this surplus will be used for additional teacher requests, technology, books, and professional development to support Goal #1.  

    c. Liz Boll asked for clarification on the Salaries and Employee Benefits section. Michele Parry explained that the funds in that category are used for teacher buyouts (and taxes) and after school tutoring. She also said that we should have a breakdown of exactly how much that will cost this year from the district within the next few months.

  3. Review and Approve Minutes from August meeting: Scot Wahlquist, made the motion to approve and it was seconded by Lanny London. 10/10 approved.

  4. School Update-Michele

    1. No more teacher members to add at this time. Glen Larsen will send out another request to staff.

    2. Michele reviewed the new tipline for Weber County School District, SafeUT and explained that it was shown to students in an assembly last week. The school has already received two anonymous tips. Council members were shown where the tipline button is located on the school website.

    3. Michele also told about the new Twitter account and encouraged members to pass the word to the community to join.

    4. Michele gave information on the Community Night, October 5th at TH Bell.

  5. Review current funding requests: The following funding requested were discussed and voted upon:

    a. Melissa Denoyer requested two standing desks for students with Add/ADHD to use in her room. The council initially tabled the discussion. After reviewing the other projects, they came back to the request. Lanny London and Liz Bolls provided input saying they have seen the desks and felt they would be good. Lanny also said he felt that the price was reasonable for the product. The Council approved the request with the provision that Mrs. Denoyer give a report on the effectiveness at the January meeting and again at the end of the year. Motion to approve by Lanny London, seconded by Liz Bolls. 10/10 approved.

    b. Catherine Hale requested a music mobile whiteboard for her choral classroom. Jen Dunyon motioned to approve, Becky Heaton seconded. 10/10 approved.

    c. Cristen Ottley requested two sets of novels for her English classroom. The council suggested they also purchase contact paper so the novels can be covered for extended use. Melanie Milne asked that we add an additional $20 to the request to purchase contact paper. Jen Dunyon motioned to approve, Liz Bolls seconded. 10/10 approved.

  6. No other items of business were brought up.

  7. Letter out with first term grades

    1. Include meeting dates and Council Members information, as well as where to access the plan etc.

  8. Notification to Senators and Representatives

    1. Has this been completed?

  9. Next meeting November 7, 2016

  10. Close Meeting

FYI: Community Council training - October 12, 2016 - 6:00-8:00 pm at Bonneville High School